Happy 2017!

Enjoy free 500 points to spend in the item store. 

Today we release our initial implementation for our forums! visit http://www.sea-wow.com/forum to start discussions on different topics and make new friends.

Introducing our new profile and armory sections of the website. Both of which are able to be viewed publicly, putting your characters on display!

There are still bits to add for both sections such as friending, messaging systems for profiles and Achievements, glyphs, pvp, pve and guild information for the Armory. The more we have your support and activity, the sooner these will complete!

As for other updates - 

  • Tooltips have been upgraded to version 2 with almost accurate spell/item information, socket bonuses and item set information.  It now entirely depends on our internal database rather than sources such as WoWHead, OpenWoW etc.
  • The Item Store will be loading a lot faster as we upgrade our tooltip system.

A new Level 65 Booster NPC has been added to all starter areas. 

Visit NPC Ragnar Boostmore in any of the starter areas for a Level 65 Boost, 1 Full set of Deadly Gladiator's Equipment and 1,000 gold mailed to your character.

This service is limited to only one character per account, and only one account per user. This service is free to use. Re-rolling of characters for the boost is not allowed.

Our website and core have been updated with many crucial fixes and changes. Realms were taken down at SGT 9:55 PM and brought back online at SGT 10:05PM with all changes in effect. Please report all bugs through creating tickets in-game. (The more details mentioned in the report, the quicker the bug is resolved.)

Good luck and Godspeed, Heroes.

Free 200 points to all registered accounts as we reach 2,000 likes on facebook. This is valid only if your account's email has been verified and you're a complete member of our website, if not, do so for the next giveaway at 4000 likes :)

The next time we give away points, we will check for accounts with active characters that have logged in and played for at least 1 hour in the last 7 days. So make sure you're active and playing.

Good luck and god speed.

RAF System has been added. You may recruit more than one friend for each of your game accounts.

Benefits include -

  • Receive an incentive when your friend has a total play time of 1 Day by redeeming their playtimes ( per friend recruited successfully ).
  • Stay within 5 levels and 100yds of your friend to gain additional bonuses.

Visit your Dashboard and recruit a friend under the RAF Tab,

Check out the new Item Store in your account's dashboard, with over 9,000 items to purchase! Well categorised for convenience, browse through and purchase any item of your liking! 

Points Giveaway - All registered and verified accounts get 100 Points to purchase from the item store as a show of gratitude for joining our server. You can also vote for our server and get points every 12 hours. Furthermore, once our Facebook page reaches 500 likes, we will give 100 extra points to every registered and verified account!

So like our page and invite your friends today!

The server has been restarted and updated with alot of Quest, Spell, DB and core fixes.
Welcome to SEA WoW. Create an account, download the game and start playing!
Quest Fixes
  • Remove wrong repeatable flag from some quests.
  • Improvements for Shizz Work
  • Defenders of Darrowshire
Spell Fixes
  • Fixed cosmetic effect triggered when a Water Barrel is used.
  • Removed cosmetic effect for Water Bucket item at login if it expired after the player logged out.
  • Allow damage from periodics to trigger auras if they're not fully resisted/absorbed
  • Fixed Fel Synergy.
  • Fixed Entrapment.
  • Fixed Inferno Flame aura stack drop.
  • Fixed Cobra Strikes.
  • Pet Healing: add triggered attribute so it procs on spells like Explosive Shot
  • Fixed removal of Master of Subtlety/Overkill auras
  • Only apply shapeshift aura passives when changing forms
  • Fixed Abolish Disease/Poison targets.
  • Workaround stealth interaction with Death and Decay and GameObject casts.
  • Fixed range for Ancestral Healing (shaman) and Grace (priest).
  • Implemented Master Poisoner.
  • Don't save auras casted by items.
  • Only delete all quest bound items from inventory on turn in if the quest is not repeatable.
  • Fixed elixir aura saving.
  • Earthgrab Totem
  • Savage Combat proc
  • Maelstrom Weapon charge drop on cast
  • Recklessness & Sweeping Strikes procs
    1. 12694,Idol Room Spawn A
    2. 12949,Idol Room Spawn End Boss
    3. 14801,Idol Room Spawn C
    4. 14802,Idol Room Spawn B
    5. 16369,Bugs
    6. 16370,Maggots
    7. 16619,Quest - Temporal Parasite Death Summon
    8. 16630,Quest - Temporal Parasite Summon #2
    9. 16631,Quest - Temporal Parasite Summon #3
    10. 17408,Summon Freed Soul
    11. 19826,Summon Blackwing Legionnaire
    12. 19827,Summon Blackwing Mage
    13. 19828,Summon Death Talon Dragonspawn
    14. 20172,Summon Onyxian Whelp
    15. 20734,Black Arrow
    16. 21110,Summon Son of Flame B
    17. 21111,Summon Son of Flame C
    18. 21112,Summon Son of Flame D
    19. 21113,Summon Son of Flame E
    20. 21114,Summon Son of Flame F
    21. 21115,Summon Son of Flame G
    22. 21116,Summon Son of Flame H
    23. 21117,Summon Son of Flame A
    24. 21287,Conjure Lokholar the Usurper DND
    25. 22803,Dire Maul Trap - Summon
    26. 22821,Warpwood Spores
    27. 23118,Conjure Scourge Footsoldier DND
    28. 23119,Conjure Peasant DND
    29. 23121,Conjure Peasant DND
    30. 23209,Terrordale Haunting Spirit #2
    31. 23253,Terrordale Haunting Spirit #3
    32. 24081,Summon Spawn of Mar'li
    33. 24215,Create Heart of Hakkar Explosion
    34. 24250,Summon Zulian Stalker
    35. 24349,Summon Bloodlord's Raptor
    36. 25151,Summon Vekniss Drone
    37. 25708,Summon Hive'Zara Swarmer
    38. 26140,Summon Hook Tentacle
    39. 26144,Summon Eye Tentacle
    40. 26145,Summon Eye Tentacle
    41. 26146,Summon Eye Tentacle
    42. 26147,Summon Eye Tentacle
    43. 26148,Summon Eye Tentacle
    44. 26149,Summon Eye Tentacle
    45. 26150,Summon Eye Tentacle
    46. 26151,Summon Eye Tentacle
    47. 26191,Teleport Giant Hook Tentacle
    48. 26216,Summon Giant Hook Tentacles
    49. 26396,Summon Portal Ground State
    50. 26477,Summon Giant Portal Ground State
    51. 26538,Summon Hive'Zara Larva
    52. 26539,Summon Hive'Zara Larva
    53. 26577,Summon Toxic Slime
    54. 26617,Summon Ouro Mound
    55. 26768,Summon Giant Eye Tentacles
    56. 26837,Summon InCombat Trigger
    57. 27178,Defile
    58. 27643,Summon Spirit of Jarien
    59. 27644,Summon Spirit of Sothos
    60. 27690,Summon Bone Minion
    61. 27691,Summon Bone Minion
    62. 27692,Summon Bone Minion
    63. 27693,Summon Bone Minion
    64. 27884,Summon Trainee
    65. 27921,Summon Spectral Trainee
    66. 27932,Summon Spectral Knight
    67. 27939,Summon Spectral Rivendare
    68. 28008,Summon Knight
    69. 28010,Summon Mounted Knight
    70. 28175,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Ghost
    71. 28177,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Skeleton
    72. 28179,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Ghoul
    73. 28217,Summon Zombie Chow
    74. 28227,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, finder
    75. 28289,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Ghoul Uncommon
    76. 28290,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Ghost Uncommon
    77. 28291,(DND) Summon Crystal Minion, Skeleton Uncommon
    78. 28421,Summon Type A
    79. 28422,Summon Type B
    80. 28423,Summon Type C
    81. 28454,Summon Type D
    82. 28561,Summon Blizzard
    83. 28627,Summon Web Wrap
    84. 29141,Marauding Crust Borer
    85. 29218,Summon Flame Ring
    86. 29329,Summon Sapphiron's Wing Buffet
    87. 29434,Summon Maexxna Spiderling
    88. 29508,Summon Crypt Guard
    89. 29857,Summon Astral Spark
    90. 30076,Summon Maexxna Spiderling
    91. 30083,Summon Root Thresher
    92. 30236,Summon Astral Flare NE
    93. 30239,Summon Astral Flare NW
    94. 30240,Summon Astral Flare SE
    95. 30241,Summon Astral Flare SW
    96. 30630,Debris
    97. 30737,Summon Heathen
    98. 30785,Summon Reaver
    99. 30786,Summon Sharpshooter
    100. 30792,Summon Ravager Ambusher
    101. 30825,Summon Siltfin Ambusher
    102. 30826,Summon Wildkin Ambusher
    103. 30827,Summon Bristlelimb Ambusher
    104. 30828,Summon Sunhawk Ambushers
    105. 30954,Free Webbed Creature
    106. 30955,Free Webbed Creature
    107. 30956,Free Webbed Creature
    108. 30957,Free Webbed Creature
    109. 30958,Free Webbed Creature
    110. 30959,Free Webbed Creature
    111. 30960,Free Webbed Creature
    112. 30961,Free Webbed Creature
    113. 30962,Free Webbed Creature
    114. 30963,Free Webbed Creature
    115. 30976,Summon Gauntlet Guards
    116. 31010,Free Webbed Creature
    117. 31318,Summon Infinite Assassin
    118. 31321,Summon Black Morass Rift Lord
    119. 31374,Summon Netherstorm Backlash
    120. 31391,Summon Black Morass Chrono Lord Deja
    121. 31392,Summon Black Morass Temporus
    122. 31393,Summon Black Morass Rift End Boss
    123. 31421,Summon Infinite Chronomancer
    124. 31528,Summon Gnome
    125. 31529,Summon Gnome
    126. 31530,Summon Gnome
    127. 31544,Summon Distiller
    128. 31545,Summon Distiller
    129. 31593,Summon Greater Manawraith
    130. 31995,Shattered Rumbler
    131. 32114,Summon Wisp
    132. 32151,Infernal
    133. 32283,Focus Fire
    134. 32360,Summon Stolen Soul
    135. 32579,Portal Beam
    136. 32632,Summon Overrun Target
    137. 33121,A Vision of the Forgotten
    138. 33229,Wrath of the Astromancer
    139. 33242,Infernal
    140. 33362,Summon Astromancer Adds
    141. 33363,Summon Infinite Executioner
    142. 33364,Summon Infinite Vanquisher
    143. 33367,Summon Astromancer Priest
    144. 33495,Summon Random Tractor
    145. 33514,Summon Random Tractor
    146. 33515,Summon Random Tractor
    147. 33516,Summon Random Tractor
    148. 33517,Summon Random Tractor
    149. 33518,Summon Random Tractor
    150. 33519,Summon Random Tractor
    151. 33520,Summon Random Tractor
    152. 33567,Summon Void Portal D
    153. 33636,Infernal
    154. 33677,Incite Chaos
    155. 33680,Incite Chaos
    156. 33681,Incite Chaos
    157. 33682,Incite Chaos
    158. 33683,Incite Chaos
    159. 33901,Summon Crystalhide Crumbler
    160. 33927,Summon Void Summoner
    161. 34064,Soul Split
    162. 34125,Spotlight
    163. 34175,Arcane Orb Primer
    164. 34810,Summon Mender 1
    165. 34817,Summon Reservist 1
    166. 34818,Summon Reservist 2
    167. 34819,Summon Reservist 3
    168. 35127,Summon Boom Bot Target
    169. 35128,Summon Boom Bot
    170. 35130,Summon Boom Bot
    171. 35136,Summon Captured Critter
    172. 35142,Drijya Summon Imp
    173. 35145,Drijya Summon Doomguard
    174. 35146,Drijya Summon Terrorguard
    175. 35153,Summon Nether Charge NE
    176. 35256,Summon Unstable Mushroom
    177. 35430,Infernal
    178. 35687,Summon Seeping Sludge Globule
    179. 35688,Summon Void Waste Globule
    180. 35737,Summon Deadsoul Orb
    181. 35861,Summon Nether Vapor
    182. 35862,Summon Nether Vapor
    183. 35863,Summon Nether Vapor
    184. 35864,Summon Nether Vapor
    185. 35904,Summon Nether Charge NW
    186. 35905,Summon Nether Charge SE
    187. 35906,Summon Nether Charge SW
    188. 35937,Summon Ambush
    189. 36026,Conjure Elemental Soul: Earth
    190. 36036,Summon Netherstorm Target
    191. 36042,Summon Farahlon Crumbler
    192. 36043,Summon Farahlon Crumbler
    193. 36044,Summon Farahlon Crumbler
    194. 36045,Summon Farahlon Shardling
    195. 36046,Summon Farahlon Shardling
    196. 36047,Summon Farahlon Shardling
    197. 36048,Summon Motherlode Shardling
    198. 36049,Summon Motherlode Shardling
    199. 36050,Summon Motherlode Shardling
    200. 36112,Conjure Elemental Soul: Fire
    201. 36168,Conjure Elemental Soul: Water
    202. 36180,Conjure Elemental Soul: Air
    203. 36221,Summon Eye of the Citadel
    204. 36229,Summon Infinite Assassin
    205. 36231,Summon Infinite Chronomancer
    206. 36232,Summon Infinite Executioner
    207. 36233,Summon Infinite Vanquisher
    208. 36234,Summon Black Morass Rift Lord Alt
    209. 36235,Summon Black Morass Rift Keeper
    210. 36236,Summon Black Morass Rift Keeper
    211. 36379,Call Skitterers
    212. 36521,Summon Arcane Explosion
    213. 36579,Summon Netherock Crumbler
    214. 36584,Summon Netherock Crumbler
    215. 36585,Summon Netherock Crumbler
    216. 36595,Summon Apex Crumbler
    217. 36596,Summon Apex Crumbler
    218. 36597,Summon Apex Crumbler
    219. 36724,Summon Phoenix Egg
    220. 36818,Attacking Infernal
    221. 36865,Summon Gnome Cannon Channel Target (DND)
    222. 37177,Summon Black Morass Infinite Chrono-Lord
    223. 37178,Summon Black Morass Infinite Timereaver
    224. 37394,Summon Destroyed Sentinel
    225. 37457,Windsor Dismisses Horse DND
    226. 37545,Summon Phantom
    227. 37606,Summon Infinite Assassin
    228. 37735,Summon Inner Demon
    229. 37758,Bone Wastes - Summon Auchenai Spirit
    230. 37766,Summon Murloc A1
    231. 37772,Summon Murloc B1
    232. 37773,Summon Elemental A1
    233. 37774,Summon Elemental B1
    234. 37911,Summon Elemental A2
    235. 37912,Summon Elemental A3
    236. 37914,Summon Elemental B2
    237. 37916,Summon Elemental B3
    238. 37923,Summon Murloc A2
    239. 37925,Summon Murloc A3
    240. 37926,Summon Murloc A4
    241. 37927,Summon Murloc A5
    242. 37928,Summon Murloc B2
    243. 37929,Summon Murloc B3
    244. 37931,Summon Murloc B4
    245. 37932,Summon Murloc B5
    246. 37947,Summon Crazed Shardling
    247. 37948,Summon Crazed Shardling
    248. 37949,Summon Crazed Shardling
    249. 38019,Summon Wave A Mob
    250. 38111,Summon Horde Bat Rider Guard
    251. 38114,Summon Horde Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    252. 38118,Summon Area 52 Death Machine Guard
    253. 38124,Summon Horde Ground Alarm Sensor
    254. 38137,Summon Sky Marker
    255. 38179,Summon Alliance Ground Alarm Sensor
    256. 38180,Summon Alliance Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    257. 38181,Summon Alliance Gryphon Guard
    258. 38188,Summon Corrupted Spawn
    259. 38189,Summon Corrupted Spawn
    260. 38190,Summon Corrupted Spawn
    261. 38191,Summon Corrupted Spawn
    262. 38198,Summon Purified Spawn
    263. 38199,Summon Purified Spawn
    264. 38200,Summon Purified Spawn
    265. 38201,Summon Purified Spawn
    266. 38242,Summon Wave C Mob
    267. 38244,Summon Wave D Mob
    268. 38247,Summon Wave B Mob
    269. 38261,Summon Area 52 Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    270. 38266,Summon Stormspire Ethereal Guard
    271. 38268,Summon Scryer Dragonhawk Guard
    272. 38270,Summon Stormspire Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    273. 38271,Summon Scryer Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    274. 38278,Summon Aldor Gryphon Guard
    275. 38283,Summon Aldor Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    276. 38286,Summon Sporeggar Sporebat Guard
    277. 38287,Summon Sporeggar Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    278. 38288,Summon Toshley Guard
    279. 38291,Summon Toshley Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    280. 38402,Summon Cenarion Storm Crow Guard
    281. 38403,Summon Cenarion Expedition Rooftop Alarm Sensor
    282. 38489,Summon Wave E Mob
    283. 38490,Summon Wave E Mob
    284. 38492,Summon Wave E Mob
    285. 38493,Summon Wave E Mob
    286. 38512,Fiery Boulder
    287. 38587,Summon Spirit of Redemption
    288. 38651,Summon Rancid Mushroom
    289. 38854,Hatch Arakkoa
    290. 38865,Hatch Bad Arakkoa
    291. 38874,Summon Mushoom Creature
    292. 38888,Summon Morcrush Shardling
    293. 38889,Summon Morcrush Shardling
    294. 38890,Summon Morcrush Shardling
    295. 39080,Summon Mountain Shardling
    296. 39081,Summon Vortex Shardling
    297. 39110,Summon Phoenix Adds
    298. 39111,Summon Furious Nether-wraith
    299. 39186,Summon Random Tractor
    300. 39191,Sha'tari Flames
    301. 39302,Quest - The Exorcism, Summon Foul Purge
    302. 39305,Summon Flying Skull
Events/Object Fixes
  • Change position of the Candy Bucket in Bor'gorok Outpost.
  • Add new event Darkmoon Faire Building (Mulgore).
  • Event for quests Hallow's End Treats for Spoops/Jesper.
  • Update event start dates and fix some wrong event durations.
  • Fixed start date for Winter Veil.
  • Fixed Frozen Trap target selection
  • Handle despawning and respawning of nearby linked traps on gameobject despawn and respawn
  • Fixed an Apple Bob position in Lakeshire
  • Fix Day of the Dead spawns
  • Archmage Arugal event script
Creature Fixes
  • Duggan Wildhammer fixed.
  • Containment Coffer TRAP.
  • Trial of the Crusader: Fixed crash in Snobold Vassal script.
  • Fixed Prince Valanar (ICC) respawn health
  • Fixed Plague Walker's Aura of Lost Hope usage (Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom).
  • Otonambusi.
  • Sentinel Sweetspring.
  • Zebu'tan and Alys Vol'tyr's conversations.
  • Borus Ironbender.
  • Messenger Torvus.
  • Removed wrong creature text from Horde Scout.
  • Grinkle and Barrus.
  • Remove wrong gossip text from Hemet Nesingwary (Nagrand).
  • Karen "I Don't Caribou" the Culler
  • Goramosh add aggro text
  • Swap wrong faction texts for Commoners during Hallow's End.
  • Augustus the Untouched
  • Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Skullsplinter Beastmaster and Skullsplitter Hunter
  • Earthgrab Totem and Tainted Earthgrab Totem
  • Correctly reset pathfinding capability on respawn. Prevents evade chains on some bosses
Item Fixes
  • Fixed Glyph of Mend pet
Miscellaneous/Core Fixes
  • Fixed lag caused by arena distribution.
  • Calculation of Melee Damage should use unmodified damage to compute Hit Info.
  • Allow pets and totems to drop mod charges in owner auras.
  • Send original caster in heal packet log.
  • Set original caster for Paladin judgement triggered effects.
  • Added extra transport position update just when it stops moving.
Quest Fixes
  • Hallow's End Treats for Spoops! should not be repeatable.
    Also the item Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat should only be available from vendor after turning in that quest.
  • Arelion's Secret
  • Stop the Ascension!
  • ... Or Maybe We Don't.
  • Gambling Debt (Part 1)
  • Free your mind - target health.
  • cosmetic fix for quest Force Commander Danath's end event
  • Nessa Shadowsong and following steps are only available to Night Elves
  • offer reward text for quest Elanaria.
  • Text for creature Jack Adams, involved in quest Gambling Debt (Part 2)
  • "Apply Heat and Stir.", enjoy one of the most frustrating quests in Northrend!
  • Cosmetic lightning effect for quest The Staff of Storm's Fury's location.
  • Vendor conditions for quest items related to "A Carver and a Croaker" and "Parts for the Job".
  • Added mail reward for the following quests:
    • True Believers and Still Believing
    • A Terrible Purpose, Wrath of Neptulon
    • A Letter for Home (Alliance and Horde)
    • Tactical Clemency
    • Abandoned Mail
    • Hammershout the Elder
    • and various Lunar Festival mails.
  • Volatility (daily version) requires completion of Volatility (non-daily version).
  • Fixed race availability for four quests (IDs 6181, 6281, 6261, 6285 that should be Human only).
  • Fixed sending of correct packet when a quest cannot be rewarded for item-related errors.
  • Fixed Stinking Up Southshore, should not be repeatable.
Spell Fixes
  • Fixed Shadow Trance aura drop.
  • Fixed Grace proc with Penance.
  • Fixed clearing auras of channeled spells if channeling is cancelled due to invalid targets (dead or otherwise).
  • Fixed improved drain soul mana return.
  • Glyph of Totem of Wrath should proc from triggered casts (fixes aura not applied when summoning through Call of the xx spells).
  • Fixed Deadly brew not proccing at all
  • Fixed Light's Beacon not healing with Holy Shock
  • Fixed an issue of stealth breaking with positive and/or healing spells.
  • Glyph of Healing Wave.
  • Plagued Blood Explosion can only be hit on certain mobs.
  • Arcane Charges can only be hit on certain mobs.
  • 2 more off by one probability calc and duplicated logic in spell hit roll.
  • Icy Talons, Holy Concentration, Surge of Light, Trauma, Glowing twilight scale
  • Light's Grace casted Holy Light was proccing the triggered aura and removing the charge instantly, added a "must use spell mod" attribute.
  • Dislodged Foreign Object should proc on damaging spell casts only
  • Make slice and dice was breaking stealth.
  • Blessing of the Eternals Earthliving proc chance increase.
  • Auto repeat spells that are casted as triggered and don't register procs properly if the aura can't proc with triggered cast.
  • Infusion of Light proc rate.
  • Arrow Assault spell conditions.
Events/Object Fixes
  • Brewfest Soon
    • Add game event.
    • Add missing objects for Brewfest Soon. Only Iron Forge. I couldn't find anything in sniffs for Orgrimmar.
Creature Fixes
  • Removed Apple Bob duplicate spawns.
  • Added core script to creature Magister Aledis.
  • Set correct Position Z height of all Orgrimmar NPCs.
    • Includes some waypoints.
    • Also remove a grunt spawn.
  • Removed unused Henria Derth
  • Removed wrong text from NPC Argos Nightwhisper.
  • Improved timers and remove wrong text from Viera Sunwhisper.
  • Fix Anub'arak wall and add sequence break info.
  • Fixed an edge case issue where creatures would re-acquire target after respawn if they despawned while spell focusing.
  • Texts for the following creatures in Stranglethorn Vale:
    • Krazek
    • Kebok
    • "Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    • Sergeant Yohwa
    • and Crank Fizzlebub.
  • Text for Wizlo Bearingshiner.
  • Text for Baron Revilgaz if event Pirates' Day is not running.
  • Text for Noth the Plaguebringer and remove wrong quest turn-in from the same npc.
  • Players will not be randomly attacked while in Isle of Quel'Danas anymore.
  • Scarshield Infiltrator/Vaelan.
  • Text for Chief Plaguebringer Harris.
  • Abdul the Insane.
  • Prevent Gnarlpine Shaman and Elder Timberling from spamming healing spells.
  • NPC Webwood Spider should now be neutral.
  • Position of Amber Ledge flight master (Dragon).
  • ICC Boss Lady DeathWhisper improvements
  • TOC Snobold Vassal behavior on Gormok fight.
  • Prevent Kologarn's arms from attacking.
  • Initial support for monster sparring.
  • Braug Dimspirit creature text, quest status behaviour.
  • Deino creature text shown after completing the quest "A Letter for Home.".
  • Fixed Krik'thir behavior after a wipe.
  • Cleaned code relating to pulling Anub'arak (Azjol Nerub).
Item Fixes
  • Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel drop from Northrend rares.
  • Looting of items whose unique status only affects number of equipped items, and not number of items owned.
Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Change Midsummer Music to search grid and contain in vector only.
  • Disallow parry for totems.
  • Fixed EXP Rate distribution affected by Premium Accounts.
  • Fixing of Rates for Reputation and Crafting.
  • Fixed resetting of event phase when npc evades/resets.
  • Fixed effect Leap Back. (Sometimes the caster triggers leap back onto targets, and with the old code, it instead made the caster leap back instead of its targets.)
  • Fixed incorrect check that doesn't allow units to attack a vehicle/passenger.
Added newbie rewards and Instant level boosting NPC at all starter Areas.
  • Limited to one character in one account for every member.
Fixed loot for Dustbringer.
Fixed loot for Blacktip Shark.
Fixed Midsummer Music during the event.
Fixed Darkmoon Fair Music during the event.
Fixed Pirate Day Music during the event.
  • Fixed Defend the Siege quests.
  • Move Wintergrasp Keep guard spawns from core to db, removing all duplicates in the meanwhile.
  • Add Alliance Brigadier General inside the relic room.
  • Four more Horde guards in Wintergrasp Keep that should only appear when it is held by Horde.
  • Availability of different No Mercy for the Merciless and Slay Them All! depends on who is currently holding the keep.
  • Fixed ownership of workshops at the beginning of a new battle.
  • Code Cleanup
Improvements for quests related to NPC Denalan
  • Timberling Sprouts requires Denalan's Earth rewarded.
  • Fixed offer reward text for Denalan's Earth.
  • Improve scripts for end event of quests Denalan's Earth, The Shimmering Frond and The Glowing Fruit.
Optimized Channel System
  • Fixed multiple channels per zone when using different locales.
  • Connected clients will receive locally the name of the channel for their apropiate locale (if available).
  • In other cases default locale name will be sent, so as to prevent breaking channel chat for those players.
Optimized Spell and Aura information computations.
Fixed interaction of spells like Shadowmeld with Threat reducing effects.
Optimized Quest "... Or Maybe We Don't".
Updated Map Tiles and Vector data.
Fixed two versions of Jonespyre's Request that require Morrowgrain Research rewarded.
Fixed faction for Githyiss the Vile. (Should be neutral, like the other nearby spiders.)
Implemented crit suppression.
Fixed glyph of Barkskin with proper spell.
Fixed quest "Gerenzo's Orders" (Part 1).
Fixed quest "One Shot. One Kill."
  • Update equip for Brewfest Reveler.
  • Added Brewfest Music during the event.
Fixed gossip for some creatures.
  • Terenthis, Volcor (Darkshore), Denalan (Teldrassil).
Fixed weapon skill up.
Fixed a few procs that should only proc from damaging spells.
Better handling for Ward of Laze aura.
Fixed npc text for creature Sentinel Selarin.
Remove quest giver flag from Sentinel Aynasha when accepting quest "One Shot. One Kill."
Fixed and improved end event for Escape Through Stealth/Force.
Fixed end event for How Big a Threat? (Part 2).
Fixed resetting of periodic aura timers by default. Except when aura comes from triggered spell.
Added a workaround for Will of the Forsaken shared cooldown.
Corrected proc phase for Elemental Shaman 2P Bonus.
Fix Sudden Death charge drop.
New Spell-Proc system implemented.
Fixed "Free your Mind" quest not being able to free required creatures.
Fixed Ward of Laze: root and spellcast.
Add missing Lunar Festival Objects in Stormwind.
Wintergrasp Update:
  • Wintergrasp Relic, allowing the attacking faction to capture it.
  • Fixed leaving Wintergrasp via the minimap button.
  • Fix vehicle Teleporter
Wintergrasp Update:
  • Only one of the four quests will be available at a given time.
  • Added pools for item-gathering weekly quests.
  • Quests Southern Sabotage and Toppling the Towers are only available if the respective faction is defending.
  • Fixed giving quest credit for southern towers destroyed.
Rewrite of the attack table system.
  • Implemented boss-level hit table (6.5% dodge/14% parry), bosses only had 5.6% of each until now.
  • Updated formula for chance and damage of Glancing hits.
Added newlines to some item texts.
  • Cloth Request, Defias Docket, Calor's Note, Covert Ops Plans: Alpha & Beta and Muddy Note.
Fixed end event for Harlan Needs a Resupply.
Fixed reasoning message if player tries to accept a quest that is already rewarded.
Fixed not to show unique items if player already has the maximum allowed quantity, limited to bind-when-picked-up items only.
Fixed A Cry For Help
  • Add missing dialogue from Cowlen.
  • Timers and emotes.
Fixed don't reset offhand timer for players when starting attack. (Creatures are unaffected by this change.)
Remove loot and experience for Webbed Creature.
Fixed Gordunni Cobalt:
  • Add second game-object (Gordunni Dirt Mound, containing only junk items) that can spawn in place of the first (same name, but contains the quest item), 50% chance.
Fixed Flag of Ownership (shouldn't target creatures).
Fixed penalty not being applied when we are using a 2H in offhand, and a unarmed MH.
MH may do unarmed attacks in this case. (reciprocal of 2H MH, unarmed OH, only uses MH normally, OH doesn't unarmed attack).
Add Dual Wield skill dependency to Dual Wield effect, should remove the skill properly when unlearning spell.
Fixed Supplies to Auberdine.
  • Set questgiver to run all the path instead of walking.
  • Add missing texts.
Fixed Twilight Disciple and Twilight Thug.
Fixed Raene Wolfrunner.
  • Fix gossip texts.
  • Add gossip option to restore item Dartol's Rod of Transformation if lost.
Unconditionally remove Titan's grip penalty aura on Spell removal.
  • Was causing an issue when switching spec, because off hand weapon was still equipped.
Fixed bug where auras shouldn't remove passive auras.
Implemented Titan's Grip damage reduction.
Fixed summon parameters for creature Thenan spawned at quest Breaking the Keystone's turn-in.
Fixed offer reward text for Redemption (Part 2, Draenei).
Fixed quest chaining - A Lost Master requires How Big a Threat? (Part 2) rewarded.
Fixed text for creature Gelkak involved in quest Gyromast's Revenge.
  • Gelkak is supposed to say it, not The Threshwackonator 4100.
Fixed loot for item Message in a Bottle and gameobject Half-Buried Bottle.
Fixed loot for Dented Crate.
  • The crate is supposed to always drop at least one item.
Improvements to some Azuremyst Isle quests.
  • The Bloodcurse Legacy requires Urgent Delivery rewarded.
  • Reclaiming the Ruins and Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling (and related NPC gossips) require A Small Start or Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo rewarded.
  • Item Rune Covered Tablet requires quest A Small Start rewarded in order to drop.
  • Add missing dialogue for Rune Covered Tablet's end event.
  • Fix offer reward text for Warlord Sriss'tiz.
  • Fix gossip for High Chief Stillpine and all other furbolgs around.
Fixed Saving Princess Stillpine.
  • Only run High Chief Bristlelimb's SAI once before he's available for killing.
  • Fix rotation of gameobject Princess Stillpine's Cage.
Fixed creature Webbed Creature spawn creature Expedition Researcher when appropriate.
Also don't allow it to spawn a copy of itself.
Fixed Matis the Cruel.
  • Allow the Flare Gun to be used only nearby Matis the Cruel.
  • The Flare Gun can now be used anytime during the fight, and it will still work and give proper credit for the quest.
Added Premium System (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
'What Must Be Done...' Quest Fix.
  • Correct chaining.
  • Fix gossip text depending on quest completion.
Fix gossip text for creature Technician Zhanaa.
Add Phantom Ghostfish to Nettlefish School loot.
  • Allows Dalaran's fishing daily quest The Ghostfish to be completed at any fishing skill level.
Properly re-initialize daily quest reset time when resetting daily quests.
  • Prevents daily quests from resetting at weird times when restarting the server after a player has completed a daily quest.
Fixed charmed flags for NPCs involved with
  • Basic Chemistry.
  • Killing two scourge with one skeleton.
  • Army of the Damned.
Fixed script, spawns and conditions for Intercept the Reinforcements.
Charmed flag for Converted Sentry.
  • Allows quest Further Conversions to work properly.
Added configuration for quest reset hour to 3:00AM, as that's when daily quests used to reset in WotLK.
Fixed Gunship Mage cast interrupt.
Fix Skadi the Ruthless.
Utgarde Catacombs cleanup.
Botanist Taerix.
  • Fix gossip text depending on quest 'What Must Be Done...' completion status.
  • Correct chaining for the quest.
XP 10x
Crafting 5x
Reputation 3x
Total Characters 185
Horde/Alliance 118/67